Providing urgent financial assistance to patients and their families since 1991

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Transplant Patients Trust works to prevent circumstances of poverty by providing emergency financial aid to those who are awaiting or have undergone organ transplants and their families.


Awaiting and having undergone an organ transplant can affect all areas of the recipients and their loved ones lives, making it a difficult and potentially unstable financial time. With TPT being the only UK charity to provide emergency financial aid for patients that are or have undergone any solid organ transplant, it is vital we continue our work to provide stability to those in need of it.


Aid is available to those who have:

  • Undergone a successful transplant.
  • Undergone a failed organ transplant.
  • Are awaiting an organ transplant.

This covers all human organ transplants including: heart, lung, liver, kidneys and bone marrow.

The emergency funding provided by Transplant Patients Trust can be used for an array of necessities. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Patient Travel and Parking – enabling patients to get to and from appointments.
  • Family Travel and Parking – ensuring family members are financially able to visit the recipient.
  • Child Care – ensuring children are cared for and supported during this difficult time.
  • Clothing and associated costs.
  • White goods – to purchase new appliance/replace broken ones.
  • Recovery Support – to aid the recovery of transplant patients.

How is financial support granted?

Patients are assessed by Key Hospital Contacts, these are usually social workers or transplant nurses, as they are best placed to understand the patients needs and struggles. If the hospital contact feels that emergency financial assistant is needed they will forward a grant application to The Transplant Patients Trust to process.


The circumstances of  each and every application is carefully considered by the charity trustees and if the application is successful the grant is issued directly to the patient or their family.

Where does the funding come from?

The Transplant Patients Trust is solely reliant on fund raised by events organised by our trustees and the kind hearted, selflessness of organisations and individuals who continue to provide vital resources and support. We are always seeking new support that will allow us to continue and develop the support we provide to transplant organ recipients and their families. Take a look at our Support page and find out how you can get involved today.

What Else We Do

TPT works beyond solely providing financial support; we actively promote organ donation by raising awareness and encouraging individuals to join the organ donation register. We work collaboratively with other transplant organisations to maximise reach and support to those affected by transplants.


TPT organises regular fundraising campaigns that allow us to simultaneously raise awareness of our own and other organisations works while raising vital funds. See our Transplant Support page for more information on how TPT and other existing organisation can provide information and support.