Providing urgent financial assistance to patients and their families since 1991

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Funded solely through donations, the Donor Family Network is a charity that is run by donor families for donor families. Its aim is to become the leading donor family charity and transplant community, dedicated to raising awareness of the positive impacts of organ and tissue donation while providing the highest quality support for all who need it.


Much of the amazing work that the Donor Family Network does goes into actively encouraging people to join the Organ Donation Register, providing them with the tools and information needed. They work to encourage families to talk to one another about organ donation, empowering them to be able to say yes to donating while opening an important channel of communication.


Beyond this, the Donor Family Network goes above and beyond to provide support for those who need it most. They provide this support directly to donor families regardless of when the donation took place and under what circumstances. Families can contact the Donor Family Network through a telephone support line at any time and they aim to match families together who have had similar experiences, so there is always a friendly ear to listen. They can also arrange personal visits either with the trustees or other donor families, so no family feels alone in their experiences. Families can also opt to receive anniversary cards marking and paying respect to the date of donation as well as keeping in touch with newsletters.


The charity continues to work with donor families, other organisations, professionals, recipients and those on the list for transplant to provide support, raise aware and keep the memory of those who donated alive. Find out more about the great work they do at