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Transplants can be needed by anyone at any stage in their life. No matter if you are waiting an organ transplant, have recently undergone a successful or unsuccessful organ transplant or if you a caring for loved ones affected by an organ transplants, it can be an extremely difficult and worrying time. Organ transplants often have huge impacts across all areas of life and all those involved need and deserve support. You are not alone; there is ready and accessible support out there to help you and your loved ones through this time.


Understanding and dealing with the situation you or a loved is in can feel overwhelming. You are not alone and there are many different forms of support out there to help make what can be an extremely challenging time a little easier. Whether you want professional advice and guidance or to connect with people in similar situations, help is available.

Financial support

Organ transplants have an expediential impact in all areas of the recipients and their family’s lives, including financially. Inability to work and unexpected expenses can cause circumstances of poverty through no fault of the patients or their families own. Transplants Patients Trust aims to prevent such circumstances by providing emergency financial aid to those in need of it most. Please see our What We Do page for more information on how TPT can help you.


While TPT is the only UK charity to provide nationwide emergency financial supports for patients that are awaiting or have undergone any type of solid organ transplant, there are other organisations that can help with the financial burdens caused by transplants. It is a good idea to explore all the options available to you and find out what support is best suited to your situation. Speak to your social worker for more information on financial support options.

Benefits & Help with Healthcare Costs

We understand that the benefits system can be confusing so we have put together a simple guide to try and help you to navigate the benefit system.


You can read our guide here.


Transplants are a major, life changing surgery and everyone’s recovery is different. Some recover very quickly while others take a little longer; each situation is unique to each patient. No matter how much time it takes for you and your loved ones to recover, there is breadth of support out there to help you. Connect with people who have been through a similar situation to you and explore the different professional services that have been founded to help guide and ease the recovery process.