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Transplant Sport is a volunteer run organisation that has built a transplant community where recipients can connect and support one another. The organisation aims to encourage transplant recipients to lead an active lifestyle, paying homage to the new lease of life they have been given and proving what can be achieved.


Transplant Sport are also dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of organ donation and continuing to remember and appreciate organ donors and their families. The organisation hosts different sporting events and socials that help to bring their aims to life and showcases the brilliance of post-transplant fitness.


The Transplant Games is the flagship calendar event of Transplant Sport. A celebration of the gift of life, the Transplants Games was first held in Portsmouth in 1978 and has continued to grow ever since. The games bring together the transplant community for an annual four day event that hosts over 20 different activities to partake in. Held in a different UK location each year, teams from different UK hospitals come together to compete in the varying activities with some going on to compete in the World Transplant Games. It is a chance for transplant recipients to connect with one another and show not only what they have achieved but highlight to others what is possible.