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There are loads of great ways to get involved with fundraising and The Transplant Patients Trust are here to provide you with all the support and assistance you need. We work we work with Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving making it easy for you to set up a campaign and receive donations from your supporters. Some of our ideas are below.


Sponsored Hike or Walk

A great way to raise funds is to grab your walking boots and head for the mountain. Whether you do one or go all out in a three-peaks challenge, this is a great way to push yourself, get some fresh air and make a difference. If a mountain isn’t your thing you can do a sponsored walk or ramble which everyone can join in!


Bake Sale

Everyone loves a tasty treat which is why a charity bake sale is a great idea! Young or old, anyone can get involved to whip up something delicious for a good cause. Make your baked goods as grand or simple as you like, there are loads of recipes you can try out. Some favourites are cupcakes, chocolate-chip cookies and gingerbread men. The list of what you could make is endless. Set up your bake sale at work, school, university or your local community centre and help to feed a smile.


Sponsored Silence

If you think you know a person or two who would donate to keep you quiet for a while, a sponsored silence can be exceptionally rewarding. Harder than some might think, this fundraising idea can be a wonderful time to grab yourself some peace and quiet. If you want to make this extra interesting, you could start a sponsored silence competition between a group of you or set a challenge for the kids.


Afternoon Tea Party

Arranging an afternoon tea party is not only a wonderful way to raise funds but also a brilliant way to open-up the conversation about the importance of organ donation. Ask friends, families and colleagues to donate when joining for the afternoon, send round a collection box or even combine with a bake sale. You get to spend an afternoon in great company while working for an importance cause.


Sky Dive

For the brave of heart, a sponsored Sky Dive has it all; making a difference while facing your fears and riding the adrenaline rush! Do it alone or in a group and spend the day souring the skies while knowing each moment is helping to improve to lives of those in need. It’s a memory worth making.


Sailing the Channel

If you love adventure and being out in the open water, sailing the British Channel is the perfect way for you to raise funds. You can make it a personal task or get all your sailing friends involved. You can push your boundaries and see beautiful sights, all the while knowing your helping to make a difference to transplant recipients and their families.