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Organ donations helps to save many lives every year but sadly there is are still not enough people donating to meet the demand meaning there are many left waiting for an organ transplant. Anyone can become an organ donator by simply registering with the NHS Organ Donation Register.


NHS Organ Donation Register provides a lot of useful information to help you understand what exactly organ donation involves, what can be donated and how you can get involved. It helps to answer any questions you may have including the relation between religion and organ donation, restrictions that apply and clearing up any myths around organ donation.


NHS Organ Donation runs regular campaigns to continue to raise awareness of the important of organ donation and what it involves. They actively encourage people to join the organ donation register, providing guidance on how to do so. See their website for real, heart-warming stories on the positive impact donation has had on many inspiring people’s lives.


Becoming an organ donator is an amazing decision and one person becoming an organ donator can help to save the lives of eight others. Registering takes less than five minutes to do but makes all the difference. Visit the Organ Donation Register today to fill out the online form and give your consent have your organs donated and help the lives of others.


Organ Donor Register