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Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to the Transplant Patients Trusts wonderful new website. The aim of this new website launch is to provide everyone with an easy to navigate website that contains clear and helpful information, allowing you to find the advice and guidance you need.


For information on Transplant Patients Trust and where our story began take a look at our Who We Are page. You’ll find information on our founder Ross Taylor and why we are so passionate about the work we do as well as what our aims are.


Explore the What We Do page for information on how TPT can help to support you and your loved ones if you are awaiting or have undergone an organ transplant. This section of the website details how TPT can provide you or a loved one with financial aid to help prevent circumstances of poverty caused by organ transplants. You can read testimonials from those we have helped in the past as well from social workers who have helped us to deliver financial aid to those in need.


Knowing and understanding what help is available to you is immensely important, and there is a breadth of support out there. Please take a look at our Transplant Support page where you can read more about the work we do and other organisations that are on hand to provide assistance for you and loved ones during what can be a difficult and challenging time.


If you’re passionate about the work we do, click on the Support Us page and read up on how you can get involved in helping TPT continue providing the support and care needed by recipients of organ transplants and families. Whether you make a one off donation, start a fundraiser or become a corporate partner; every penny makes a huge difference. We can help you with your fundraiser, providing ideas, promotional material and more. To keep up to date with our work and events take a look at our blog and find out what amazing things have been happening.


We hope you find this new website helpful and informative. If you haven’t found the information you were looking for or would simply like to get in touch please look at our Contact Us page; we would love to hear from you.

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